I’ve been wanting to lab this feature up and thought this might be the break I’ve been looking for. Feature should be supported in IOS XE 3S (at least that’s what Feature Nav says) but it doesn’t appear that’s the case, at least not with the ISO version. As far as firing up a IOS3 XE in GNS3, thanks to googling, I came upon this article http://herdingpackets.net/2014/02/06/using-the-cisco-csr1000v-in-gns3-with-virtualbox/. It wasn’t a big deal getting the CSR1Kv (pardon the name shortening) up and running in GNS3 on windows but it’s sort of a RAM guzzler…per VM instance you’re running it’s somewhere north of 2G. Cool thing is that is supports some of the other new topics like EIGRP Add-Path and OSPFv2 SHA1-196 Auth which I couldn’t do on the 7206 in GNS3


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